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Front Entry Door Replacement in Oshkosh, WI

Oshkosh homeowners can trust Renewal by Andersen with their replacement windows and patio doors, and now they can turn to our company for durable, energy-efficient front entry doors. We’ve partnered with ProVia, using their industry-leading entry doors series and combining those doors with our full-service installation services. Learn more today!

Why ProVia Entry Doors?

ProVia is an industry-leading manufacturer that builds long-lasting, energy-efficient front entry doors. This company is committed to providing custom front doors that withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain their look. Homeowners value the opportunity to create their ideal first impression with a custom entry door.

Energy Efficiency 

Polyurethane cores keep you and your family comfortable while reinforced frames and steps protect against drafts and moisture.


Tough deadbolt panels and hardware close your home with a weatherproof and secure seal.


Every ProVia exterior door style is made with rot-resistant, solid materials for long-term use.


Decide how you want your front door to look and operate, and we’ll make it happen with custom options at every step.
Signet Fiberglass

Experience the durability of wood paired with the versatility of fiberglass in a door design that is both sleek and functional.

Signet® Fiberglass entry doors mimic the natural texture of wood achieved through ProVia’s exclusive MasterGrain® technology. This innovative method uses nickel vapor deposition to craft a glossy woodgrain finish, coated with special compounds to resist cracking and splitting as years pass.

Furthermore, features such as hinge and strike stiles not only enhance the visual appeal but also add to the structural integrity of the doors. The series grants you the freedom to choose from various wood patterns, stains, and colors, allowing for the creation of doors with differing interior and exterior designs. Explore the diverse Signet style options to find the perfect inspiration for your upcoming home renovation.

Embarq Fiberglass

ProVia offers Embarq fiberglass entry doors as the most energy efficient front door style in the industry. With choices of smooth or woodgrain finishes in all four of our natural wood door series, this door is the perfect choice for your home!

Discover industry-leading insulation with Embarq® Fiberglass entry doors, available in a range of smooth or woodgrain finishes to suit your preference. Standing as the top-of-the-line energy-efficient fiberglass entry door, the Embarq series caters to homeowners prioritizing substantial energy conservation. These front doors boast a polyurethane core standard to ProVia, coupled with frames that are 43% thicker compared to other insulating fiberglass variants, promising supreme protection against drafts and noise while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

ProVia offers a selection of built-in windows, sidelights, and solid designs to complement both classic and contemporary homes. Designed to meet the precise measurements of your house, Embarq doors guarantee optimal use of their weather-resistant features.

Heritage Fiberglass

Heritage™ Fiberglass entry doors serve as a refined addition to homes with classic or historical architecture, offering the most authentic wooden door aesthetics in our collection.

These entry doors feature enhanced panel designs that evoke a wooden texture, supported by solid oak laminated stiles for a durable structure. Customize your door with a variety of depth options to achieve a traditional appearance, complemented by a standard nickel threshold and a polyurethane core for enduring protection against the elements.

Thanks to the reinforcement with sturdy composite materials, Heritage doors outlast conventional wooden doors, providing a wood-like experience without the associated drawbacks. The bottom of these fiberglass doors is fortified with weather-resistant strips to prevent moisture ingress, safeguarding your floors while retaining the charm of wooden doors.

Legacy Steel

Select a Legacy™ Steel entry door to bring unmatched insulation, security, and enduring value to your home in Oshkosh.

The Legacy series is ideal for those seeking a harmonious blend of energy efficiency and a refined, modern aesthetic. Available in a variety of textures including smooth, woodgrain, and embossed skins, these doors can be tailored to complement any home exterior.

These steel doors are characterized by their foam-filled cores, offering year-round temperature regulation. The core is enveloped in a single continuous layer that houses 49% more galvanized steel than standard steel doors, equipped with materials resistant to thermal transfer. the door edges are shielded with supplementary composite materials, ensuring complete resistance to weather elements.

Long-Term Energy Efficiency For Your Home

Most ProVia entry systems are Energy Star® certified, and all styles are backed by a lifetime limited transferable warranty. That means any style ProVia entry door is equipped with unmatched quality assurance. Plus, ProVia is committed to overall sustainability with environmentally friendly policies throughout the entire production process.

ProVia entry doors are all made to incorporate a polyurethane core to prevent unnecessary strain on your heating and cooling appliances.
Durable locks, frames, and thresholds also contribute to maximum energy efficiency as well as lasting functionality for regular use.
A selection of glass types and styles gives your door windows dimension in nearly any shape, size, and position—including multiple sidelights.
All door frames are created with heath-resistant trim to maintain internal and external temperature control even in a black steel door style.
Finger-jointed composite trimming prevents swelling or bowing overtime while maintaining a modern door look.

Door Glasses For Entry Doors in Oshkosh

ProVia front doors with glass are custom-designed to match your unique vision, offering a rich array of options to bring your dream to life. Whether you prefer the elegance of hand-beveled designs or the modern appeal of clear or tinted windows, ProVia has something to cater to every taste.

The signature ComforTech™ Warm Edge glazing system ensures that windowed doors retain optimal energy efficiency while providing a warm touch, enhancing the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your home. You have the freedom to choose from 22 series of hand-beveled designs for a classic look or opt for modern simplicity with solid clear or tinted windows.

Each window type offers varying levels of privacy, denoted on a scale from 1-10, allowing you to choose just how much you want to reveal. From circular to full, partial, or sidelight windows, the choices are endless, promising a door that is not just a barrier but a gateway to your haven, a reflection of your style and preferences.

ProVia ensures that every door stands as a testament to quality, meeting and exceeding your expectations in every way. Start the journey to a more beautiful home today with a consultation to explore the myriad options available to you.

Proudly Serving Oshkosh, WI

Renewal by Andersen Oshkosh is committed to a streamlined process, dedicated customer care, and a superior process. ProVia exterior doors are no exception. Call our local office to schedule a free, in-home design consultation today!

Harbor Springs

I love my new windows, made a HUGE difference in the drafts, keeping wind noise out, and keeping heat in. I also choose a different style and the view is much nicer, easier to open and close

Tonya B. Renewal by Andersen Windows Oshkosh

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Design Your ProVia Front Door

Renewal by Andersen in Oshkosh is with you every step of the way to design, plan, and install your new home improvement. Call to schedule an obligation-free, in-home consultation to discover the possibilities of ProVia entry systems today.

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